Monday, 16 February 2009

I am plodding along with the sorting out but I am finding it really hard to remember to update this blog.
So here goes.

Today my son tackled his bed room and got rid of 2 boxes of games and took they straight to the charity shop.

He found some Terry Pratchett books he has doubles of and asked me to put them on here for swaps.
He has :
The Wee free men.
The colour of money.
Going postal.

He is looking to swap for:
( he hasn't read these.]
Small Gods.
The last hero.
A hat full of sky.

[this set read but borrowed from library so would like his own copy.]
Equal rights.
Wyrd sisters.
Witches abroad.
The last continent.

Right on to my little pile. I have finally got down to the surface of my desk. In doing so I have found the following Items if of any use to anyone please shout.

A gorges cross stitched table cloth the stitches are really tiny. a few miner bits of thread coming undone on the edges but nothing drastic.

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