Monday, 16 February 2009

For some reason it wouldn't let me carry on with the last post so here goes again.

This Dress is not as red as the pic shows more of a plum burgundy it is size 14.

This is a J&G Meakin teapot in "Rosa" colour way from the "Glamour " collection. I has what looks like a pre firering chip in the foot as it is under the glaze and a small bit of glaze missing on the spout but not a chip. This weighs 720grams so will cost a bit for postage. Let me know if your interested befor I put it on ebay.

2 figures with chuuks. These are labeled John Jenkins. Fine porcelain. These too are destined for ebay so shout out if you would like them.

A single curtain faded most of the piece but had a very deap hem and that bit is not faded is it anyuse to anyone?

I think I better leave it at that for now back to more sorting. I know I have a file full of knitting patterns some where I'm yet to dig them out. Byee for now.

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  1. your certainly getting there, I bet its been fun, all that sorting :) Sarah x