Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sorry I missed yeaterday but it started a majour breakdown day I woke up feeling so bad I phoned my sis on my way to work for help. I held it together for my school presentation I got home at 12 to find both my sisters had been there a couple of hrs already and had gutted my kitchen. BY the time I went back to work my middle sis had to leave to get her kids from school. younger sis stayed and we attacked the bedroom. Later I broke down again.

I woke at 12.30 today still in a panic. My youngest sis was here again to help. We had a long chat and I realy don't know what trigerd this off but it needs sorting. We then attacked the bed room again and 2 days 10 charity bin bags and 5 rubbish bin bags later . I can now see most of my my bed room floor. A lot more than the 3ft by the door.

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